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We start puppy training our babies from birth. They are taught manners, respect for humans and children and other pets, and socialized. it is our goal to provide well mannered, well socialized puppies that will fit our families perfectly. We begin with early neurological stimulation and work daily with our babies. Our puppies are given weekly baths, nail trims, and blow-dries. This helps them be used to loud noises, forced air, and being handled, so they can easily be taken to a groomer or groomed at home. We do community visits with all our puppies visits to Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, Pet's Way, and our small christian school are some of our favorites. Here our babies can be handled by strangers and are able to possibly brighten a persons day, who can resist puppy cuddles? Our puppies are part of our family and half daily by us and our children. We have play time in our puppy play room and our living room daily. At 3 weeks we start on potty grass training and our smart babies easily teach themselves to potty on this. At 6 weeks we start trips outside to go potty. So by the time your puppy arrives to you they have a huge start on housebreaking. consistency is the key to successful fast housebreaking.


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