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Health Guarantee and Bill of Sale

Super Frenchies


This health guarantee is between the original buyer named on this contract and the breeder. This contract is non transferable if the puppy were to be sold or re-homed. In the unfortunate event that your puppy would need to be put down within the first year of its life due solely to genetics, or if it is found to have a congenital or hereditary disorder that is life threatening for your puppy, we will replace your puppy with our pick of a puppy from a future breeding of similar value and color, after the original puppy is returned to us. The cause of death or condition will have to be certified and recorded by a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the buyer. In the event that the puppy has not died and there is an issue, you may be asked to submit x-rays or have the condition verified with a second opinion at the expense of the buyer. You will be entitled to a replacement dog only after the original dog is returned to us. We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never become ill or need more than routine veterinary care, and this guarantee does not cover the reimbursement of any veterinary bills associated with this puppy. We ask that you have your veterinarian do an examination of your puppy not more than 7 days after receiving your puppy. If at this visit any concerns are brought up by your veterinarian about the health of your puppy, please contact us immediately. You will have 2 days from your veterinary appointment to return the dog for a full refund minus your original shipping costs (if applicable). After 7 days from purchase all sales are final. If your puppy becomes sick in the first 10 days after purchase, you must return the puppy to us to be treated by our veterinarian or by us, or you can choose to have it treated by your veterinarian at your sole expense. Your puppy will come with all age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings, however he or she will still need additional vaccinations. We will provide a copy of all vaccines and de-wormings your puppy has received prior to entering your family. After that you and your veterinarian should establish what vaccines and care your puppy should have. Your puppy should not associate with other dogs (in public) until they are vaccinated with the full recommended series of puppy vaccines that your puppy should receive. If at any time a medical condition arises that you feel we should be made aware of, and that may result in returning the dog, please contact us and send a report from your veterinarian. No issue will be addressed without accompanying medical records from a licensed veterinarian. If at any time you are in a position that you are not able to properly care for the dog, please contact us. We care about the welfare of your dog and would be happy to accept the dog back or help you to find a suitable home. This will not entitle you to a refund. 

Exceptions to the Guarantee: We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, or breeding ability of your new puppy. We cannot replace your puppy if he or she has not received routine veterinary care. Routine veterinary care includes all vaccines, deworming, heartworm prevention, as well as flea and tick prevention. You are required to have your puppy seen annually by your veterinarian and maintain all vaccines and preventative care as recommended by your veterinarian.

This guarantee does not include any costs associated with parasites, giardia, or coccidia as they are common puppy problems easily contracted and easily treated with medication. This guarantee does not cover any cost associated with spaying or neutering the puppy including that of undescended testicles. This guarantee does not cover conditions related to brachycephalic syndrome, pneumonia, respiratory infections of any kind, heat and/or exercise intolerance, allergic skin disease, hip dysplasia or patellar luxation (knee), degenerative disk disease, hemi-vertebrae, inverted tails, skin fold dermatitis, or bite abnormalities. We try our best to screen puppies for problems. Many puppies are born with innocent heart murmurs these typically resolve themselves by 10-12 weeks of age. Our health guarantee does cover murmurs over a grade 4/6 diagnosed by a cardiologist.  We try our best to screen puppies for problems. Deposits are non refundable. 

 All Puppies are sold with Limited Registration (no breeding rights).

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